March 24th, 2011
Book of the Day: Witch Fire


The winner of yesterday’s book, Dark Enchantment, is Rae, who said, “well I’ve read the first two and have been dying for more story! And the excerpt that we had at the end of Cruel Enchantment was such a cruel, cruel tease . I loved the first ones and am sure this one will be no different.” Congrats! Please drop me an email, Rae! Anyabast (at)

Today’s book……

Mira Hoskins doesn’t know she’s a natural born witch who possesses the rare—and powerful—element of air. She also never expected to find herself tied to a mahogany bed frame, captive to a man who aches to fulfill her every desire and let loose the magick that dwells inside her…

Heat emanates from elemental fire witch Jack McAllister. The Coven, a governing authority of witches, has sent him to protect Mira from a band of warlocks who drain witches of power… and life. Long ago, he saw Mira’s parents murdered by this same dark magick. He’d like to quell his guilt and offer her everything she deserves. But she’s the long-lost cousin of his boss—making seduction off-limits.

With Jack’s strong guidance, Mira is luring forth her inner magick. But his sense of duty is quickly swelling into insatiable hunger. They warned him about the natural attraction between air and fire. Now he risks being consumed by the woman he shouldn’t want—but can’t stay away from …

Read the first chapter and/or watch the book video

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The world seems to be ass deep in alligators these days. Do world events affect your emotional well being, or are you pretty good at separating your personal life from the world at large? If you’re like me and are affected, what do you do to chill out and shake off stuff you can’t do anything about?

March 23rd, 2011
Book of the Day: Dark Enchantment


Let’s kick off the Book a Day giveaways with an autographed copy of Dark Enchantment.

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March 23rd, 2011
Dark Enchantment Celebration!!!


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A sultry dream can become a real-life nightmare…

Tax consultant Charlotte Bennett isn’t the type to lose control. Until she’s seduced in a dream by a handsome, rugged man named Kieran. In her dream state, she decides to let loose, letting pleasure and desire lead the way. But she quickly discovers her “safe” night of passion has dangerous repercussions.

The lust-driven dream was in fact a magick illusion that’s left Charlotte indefinitely bound to a controlling fae named Kieran. Under his order, she must find the last piece of a powerful relic. Only Charlotte knows the location of the bosca fadbh, but the knowledge is hidden deep within her bloodline—and only wicked magick can draw it out.

Forced to work with the enticing Kieran, she finds it hard to escape their seductive chemistry. Even though he’s harboring a deadly curse, one that puts Charlotte in danger—and could make this attraction fatal…

Read the first chapter.

Watch the book video.

Publisher’s Weekly about Dark Enchantment: “a sexy thrill ride…with dastardly betrayals, complex subplots, and skillful world building… Bast’s writing packs a punch, offering humorous lines even in the blackest moments….the tale weaves a sinuous spell that will leave readers eager for more.”

To celebrate the release of Dark Enchantment on April 5th, I’ll be giving away a book from my backlist every day (except weekends) until the book is officially out. I’m also giving away a $100 gift certificate!

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Question to answer to be entered for a shot at the Grand Prize:

The overall theme in Dark Enchantment goes something like this: Sometimes you find exactly what you always needed in the place (or in the person) where you least expected to find it. Life is funny that way, don’t you think? But if we keep our hearts and our minds open, sometimes fate leads us right where we need to be and we end up all the happier for it.

Have you ever had an experience like that? Have you ever ended up in a place where you didn’t want to be, yet found you were right where you should be? Or have you ended up paired with a person you really didn’t like at first, but then they ended up a good friend?

Let me know in the comments for a shot at winning one of the gift certificates!

March 11th, 2011
Auction to Benefit Fatin!

If you’re in the romance community, you probably know Fatin, aka, “mad” or “mad4rombks”. She runs RR@H Novel Thoughts. She is a wonderful woman, has never failed once to contact me before a new release to offer a review or a spot to guest blog. She’s been a wonderful friend.

Sadly, she has recently also been the victim of a tragic act of violence, leaving her widowed with children. You can read about the tragedy here.

We want to do something to help.

This next part is copied from Lauren Dane’s blog:

If you are an editor / agent / author / Or anyone else for that matter and would like to donate something for the auction – such as a critique, mentoring, lunches at RT or RWA, swag, signed books, etc., please contact Lauren Dane with your donation items. Your help is greatly appreciated! Some examples of auction items might be signed books, baskets of fun stuff, critiques, lunches, mentoring, ARCs, pitch help, offers of specialty services like graphics design, etc. The totally awesome Larissa Ione asked readers recently what type of items they’d most like to bid on, so you might find this list helpful.

March 7th, 2011
Can you help?

I didn’t know Tena McNeely, but her story has really touched my heart. A friend of mine told me about these unhappy circumstances over the weekend and the moment I heard about these cats, I knew I needed to do whatever I could to help them find homes.

Forty nine year old McNeely was beaten to death in her home on January 3rd. She was an animal rescuer, who had taken in a dog and a group of cats that no one else would care for. In times like we’re having right now in this country, with so many pet abandonments, these people are gold. In every news article I’ve read about McNeely, it’s mentioned how much she loved her pets.

As a cat rescuer myself, it’s hard for me to imagine McNeely resting easily, knowing that some of her beloved pets have not yet found homes. They’d probably be euthanized by now, but McNeely’s vet graciously took the animals in, knowing how much McNeely loved them. It’s been two months and ten of those cats still do not have homes.

They were beloved pets once and they deserve to be beloved pets again. The vet who is keeping them is growing desperate to place them.

For more information about these cats, call Dr. Kathy Belcher of East Shelbyville (Kentucky) Animal Clinic at 502-633-2061.

Here are their pictures and names:


Pity Poo





Little Girl

Furry Murray

Pumpkin Puss


If you live in Kentucky or in a neighboring state, or if you know someone who does, will you please consider these beautiful cats? If you can’t take any of them in, maybe you know someone who might? Please pass the story on.

Anything you can do to turn this very sad story around for these cats would be appreciated. They lost all the love in their lives because of a cruel and brutal act and are now at the whim of harsh reality. They need your help.

If one of you does adopt one of these cats, let me know. I’ll send you a happy kitty adoption gift. Even better, you will have a wonderful new friend who will return all the love you give with interest.

February 1st, 2011
Raven’s Quest Book Video

I put together this book vid for Raven’s Quest yesterday. I wasn’t going to make one, but at the last moment I said what the hell and threw caution to the wind, ’cause that’s just how I roll.

For your viewing pleasure….

January 31st, 2011
Writing Raven’s Quest

If you are a fan of my Elemental Witches or Dark Magick paranormal romance series, or are familiar with any of my erotic romances like The Chosen Sin, Jeweled, or Jaded, you will find Raven’s Quest to be a much different kind of story. Raven’s Quest was one of the first books I ever wrote and it’s a pure fantasy romance, weaving an enduring tale of love through a world rich with magic.

I wrote this novel right after the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. At that point in my life, I’d given up on my writing. Then my husband and I ended up trapped in Europe for an extra week because of the attacks. We were on one of the first passenger planes allowed back into U.S. airspace. On the flight home, I thought a lot about the people who’d been on those hijacked planes and how fast their lives had ended. I wondered why I wasn’t doing the one thing in my life I loved the most. Because I feared failure? What a stupid reason!

How much would the people on those planes give for a second chance to follow their dreams?

I came home and began work on Raven’s Quest right away. Since then I’ve written over forty other works, but Raven’s Quest still claims a very special place in my heart.

If you’re in need of a hero in your life, you might escape for a while with Lucan. The fourth son of a great king, he never expected—or wanted—to rule, but when his uncle kills Lucan’s family and takes the throne for himself, Lucan has no choice but to form a rebellion and force his unjust uncle from the throne.

Branna is a woman of magic and mystery who comes from a country far away. When she meets Lucan she knows he’s special in more ways than one. Strong and compassionate, Branna is willing to sacrifice her life for the good of her people, but the longer she knows Lucan, the harder leaving him becomes….

I had so much fun writing Branna and Lucan, building their magical world and guiding them both toward love. I hope you will enjoy reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Praise for Raven’s Quest

“RAVEN’S QUEST is a story of revenge, need, forgiveness and redemption…. Overall, (this novel) is a quest for more than just magic. It’s for the soul.”—Four Blue Ribbons, Romance Junkies

“Once again Ms Bast has developed a world that is incredibly detailed and rich with life…. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes fantasy books.”– Top Pick from Nightowl Romance Reviews

“… a brilliant and enchanting tale of destiny, love, and sacrifice with twists and turns along the way. I couldn’t put it down…definitely a five-star read!” –FRESH FICTION

“…good world-building…intriguing….” – Romantic Times BookCLUB

Excerpt from Raven’s Quest….

Branna knelt by the alhorn plant she’d found. The cool, verdant strength of Terrestra’s energy spiraled up from the ground. She held out her hand, palm down, and savored the gift of power. A breeze stirred the fine hairs around her face. She sank back on her heels and closed her eyes.

She stayed that way, eyes closed, head bowed, for several long moments and allowed the power to wash over her and calm her. Fiall grew near. The distinctive pattern he made in the Universal Fabric pulsed through her as he came closer.

They had traveled slowly and cautiously all morning because of the Valorian in the area. Now they’d stopped in a clearing to let the horse drink from a stream and give themselves a rest. They’d both been quiet, each lost to their own thoughts.

Opening her eyes, she unsheathed her athame, and cut a bit of the plant. Alhorn was a good healing plant to use when magic was not an option.

When she stood, she found Lucan’s star-stone gaze on her. His blue-gray eyes were filled with a heat that had little to do with the warm midday sun that shone down on them. Every muscle in his body seemed to be attuned to her in that moment. She returned his gaze steadily, not wanting him to see how much he disturbed her.

Her examination of his memories had shown he was of no threat to her, and he seemed pleasant enough, and unquestionably in control. But beyond all that, deep within him, there was a kind of ferity. Branna wondered if it was related to the pain she’d felt within him yesterday. She could glean nothing from him emotionally. This man had learned long ago to control his feelings.

All she knew was that, Goddess, the man made her uncomfortable.

He walked toward her, and her hand tightened on the grip of her athame. He reached out. She looked at his upturned hand, not understanding what he wanted.

“Give me the herb,” he said.

She opened her hand to him. He placed his hand over hers, and she felt his heat, his essential body’s energy radiate from him and warm her skin. He placed his fingertips at her wrist and ran them down the length of her palm, catching the small bits of herb as he went. Tingles rippled through her hand and up her arm at his touch. A current of reaction passed from him to her and sent a jolt straight up her spine.

She tore her hand away. The rest of the alhorn fell to the ground. Lucan grasped the remaining herb and regarded her without a word. It was as if he tried to make her uncomfortable. Anger flared within her.

He turned and went to the horse’s saddlebags. “I’ll keep the herb in here until we arrive at Kern.”

That he’d given up that bit of information piqued her interest enough that she forgot her anger. She sheathed her athame. “Kern? Is that the safe place you talked of earlier?”

“It is.” He deposited the herb and drew up the lacings of the saddlebag, then turned to her. “Is it true the high priestess of Tir na Ban is called Raven and is chosen by a bird of the same name when she is but a babe?” Raw curiosity showed in his eyes.

“Yes, it’s true. The raven is the messenger of the Goddess. When the old high priestess has lived her life fully and reaches a certain age, or if a young high priestess is to be called to Vallon unexpectedly, a raven will alight upon the cradle of a newborn girl.”

He shook his head. “Solan, the far-bloods have always amazed me.”

The people of Tir na Ban and Ileria were often referred to as the “far-bloods.” It was believed a race that originally came from the stars had seeded the two magical peoples.

“It is in that way that the Goddess makes it known which one will follow in the footsteps of the older.” Branna sighed wearily. “It has always been so and shall always be so, even if Magnus kills us down to our last two women,” she finished. She knew sadness had crept into her voice, but she couldn’t help it.

December 14th, 2010
Book Club’s 31 Days of Giveaway!

In order for Santa to visit, you have had to have been a good little boy or girl, but you must also be:

(A) Asleep in your bed

(B) A Christian

(C) Waiting by the chimney