September 1st, 2010
Book of the Day: Witch Blood, by Anya Bast


A water witch, Isabelle Novak has always led a chaotic, nomadic existence. But her life spins out of control when her sister—her only friend and emotional anchor—is killed by a demon. Driven by grief and a desire for revenge, she turns her back on the Coven and the rede they hold sacred: Harm thee none…

When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power. As head of the Coven, earth witch Thomas must thwart Isabelle’s dark impulses, but his very presence stirs deeper desires she never knew she had…

You can read the first chapter here.


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I’m inclined to go fluffy again. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

August 31st, 2010
The Winner of Wicked Enchantment is….

….Pam S. who said, “Anya loved the premise and excerpts on this – can’t wait to get started on this series. I really enjoyed the Witch books :)! Currently hooked on Nancy Gideon’s Moon series, J.K. Beck’s latest, and Larissa Ione’s Demonica series.” Congrats, Pam! Please drop me an email at anyabast(at) and I’ll get your book out to you.

Today’s book is DEADLY FEAR, by Cynthia Eden, so be sure to enter! And don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won.

August 31st, 2010
Book of the Day: Deadly Fear, by Cynthia Eden



FBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers. But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sadistic has taken its toll: She’s walled herself off from the world. Yet Monica can’t ignore fellow agent Luke Dante, the only man who ever broke through her defenses.


Luke has the unique ability to put victims at ease…professionally, he and Monica made a perfect team. Now they’re reunited to catch a murderer who uses his victims’ deepest, darkest fears for sport – but their investigative skills aren’t enough. Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past, the ones that terrify them the most, if they are to have a future together.

But can they catch a killer whose weapon is…DEADLY FEAR?

Read an excerpt on Cynthia’s web site.


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Okay, let’s go fluffy. If you were a color, what color would you be and why?

August 30th, 2010
The Winner of Primordial, by Denise Agnew is….

….Tamsyn T., who said, “I would like to travel the Silk Road to China and visit all the places and stops on it. I would love to take the time to explore all the different destinations and countries on this historical trail.” Congrats, Tamsyn! Please drop me an email to anyabast(at) and I’ll forward your info on to Denise.

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August 30th, 2010
Book of the Day: Wicked Enchantment



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When you’re a half incubus, your reputation precedes you…

All eyes are on Gabriel Mac Braire the day he makes his first appearance in the Seelie Court, including those of Aislinn Finvarra. Despite deep bitterness over her last failed relationship, Aislinn cannot help but be curious about the half incubus who is known to possess dark magick, both lethal and sexual in nature. Rumors abound of the women who have become enslaved to his irresistible charms.

So when the Summer Queen of the fae orders Aislinn herself to act as his guide in the court, she is understandably on guard. She’s fallen under the spell of far less persuasive men before. In addition, Gabriel might be more than he seems and his true mission is far from innocent.

This time, Aislinn must protect not only her heart, but her very life…

“Wicked Enchantment will draw the reader in from the very start and I absolutely can’t wait to read the next installment
in this great new series.” —The Book Lush

“I love Anya Bast’s books. Her imagination is incredible and her ability to share the worlds she develops is out of
this world . . . This book was excellent.” —Night Owl Reviews

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I’m giving away a few copies of this book during the contest because it’s the first book in my Dark Magick series. How do you feel about series? Love them? Hate them? Do you enjoy the occasional stand alone story too? If you’re dedicated to any series right now, which ones?

Excerpt from Wicked Enchantment

“It’s inside you, just like the power of the Wild Hunt is inside me,” he said, staring hard at her as though his gaze alone could instill the belief into her head. “Can’t you feel them talking to you sometimes? Murmuring in your head? Can’t you sense the lost ones out there calling for you—for anyone—to pay attention to them? I may not be a necromancer. I may only be Lord of the Wild Hunt, but I can hear them. I can sense them. You must able to feel them too.”

He spoke with such passion. Clearly he loved being Lord of the Wild Hunt. She never would have guessed he loved anything more than women and sex. He put on the façade of jaded courtier so well that he’d never given her a hint of the man who lay beneath the shallow pretense. There was much more to Gabriel than what he displayed.

And that made him even more deadly attractive to her.

Remember how arrogant he is. Remember his self-centeredness. Remember that he lied to you in the Rose.

Remember he risked his life to save you.

She cleared her throat and schooled her expression—not to mention the beating of her heart. “I can feel them.”

“Good. That’s the seed. It’s already planted and, I’m sure, already budding. Now all we have to do is follow the stem and make it blossom.”

He was looking at her lips again. He was also making birds and bees references. Her gaze found his lips. This was not going to work.

“Turn off the charm,” she whispered, gripping the arm rests.


“Turn off whatever magick you use on women to make them sexually attracted to you.”

His luscious lips curved in a cocky smile. Yes, there was the arrogance. “That’s not how it works, Aislinn, and you know it. You’re just looking for things to blame your feelings on.”

He dipped his head before she could respond and caught her lips against his. She jerked back, but he followed her, pressing her head back against the cushion and slanting his mouth over hers with a groan in his throat. That groan made her think of naked bodies and silky skin, made her think of twisted sheets and fusing bodies. It made her wonder what it would be like if he kneed her thighs apart and slid inside her. To what heights could a man like Gabriel take her in bed? A man like him for whom sex was like breathing and with whom erotic promise was almost certainly fulfilled?

“Give it up. Stop fighting so hard,” he whispered against her lips. “Give it up to me. Just give me, Aislinn.” He nipped her lower lip and she shuddered with lust.

“Gabriel.” She’d meant his name to come out strong and clear, meant for it to act as a warning and make him stop. Because she wasn’t sure she could make him stop—wasn’t sure she wanted him to stop. His name came out breathy instead.

He yanked her up in one smooth movement, flush against him. The breath hissed out of her and she knew she was well and truly lost to him. One more kiss and she’d be his. He dropped his head and rubbed his mouth over hers as though savoring the taste of her lips.

It sealed the deal.

Her nipples stabbed through the material of her sweater and her breathing began to come quicker. She’d come so close to death in the dungeons of the Black Tower and now she tasted life—vibrant and erotic—on Gabriel’s lips. He could make her feel flush with blood and vitality and chase away the death that had clung to her for the last week.

She went up on her toes and pushed her mouth against his, spearing her tongue into the hot recesses of his mouth. Pulling back a little she murmured, “Yes,” against his lips.

August 28th, 2010
The Winner of What Happens in Vegas…After Dark is…

…Teri, who said, “I have lived in Las Vegas for the last 19 years and I love it! It is truly a unique place to live. A great mix of normal suburb living (well mostly normal) and a great tourist destination for when you feel like going out. The weather is great (you just don’t go outside when it’s 115+), it is very laid back and you are pretty much free to do your own thing. There is so much to do you can be as naughty or nice as you want to be! Viva Las Vegas!” Congrats, Teri! Please drop me an email at anyabast(at) with your mailing address and I’ll get it out to you.

Don’t forget to enter for today’s book, Primordial, by Denise Agnew, and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won. Tomorrow is Sunday, so no book giveaway, but come back on Monday for sure!

August 28th, 2010
Book of the Day: Primordial, by Denise Agnew


Some forces are too primal to contain… Some attractions too hazardous to acknowledge…

When archaeologist Keira Jessop and her grandfather are accused of stealing an artifact with paranormal powers, the Special Investigations Agency demands she trek into a remote rainforest to locate the strange object. When she learns cocky, handsome special agent Zane Spinella will be her protector on this perilous assignment, she can’t help but be wary of him even if he is heart-stopping sexy and once saved her life. Zane doesn’t trust easily, least of all a woman who may be a criminal and makes his most primitive cravings boil. She has never encountered a more enticing or maddening male in her life. As they encounter a mysterious people and battle a twisted enemy who also wants the artifact for his own, they will discover sexual ecstasy and dark secrets are not the only dangers hidden in the dark and dangerous jungle.


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Okay, let’s continue with the travel theme. If you could travel to any destination and money was no object, where would you go and why?

August 27th, 2010
Book of the Day: What Happens in Vegas…After Dark


Las Vegas… it’s the town that lives up to the promise of its nickname, Sin City. A gamblers’ paradise for innocent tourists, it conceals a darker, sexual world where the ethereal and wraithlike meet to play a different game….

If there’s one thing succubus Deitre understands it’s revenge. That, and enticing men into arousing, exciting and, okay, perilous sex (for him). Beautiful on the outside, demon on the inside, she’s going to get back at the naughty firefighter in Darkness…unless he plays his cards right.

Bounty hunter Nell is a hell of a tracker. Now she’s in Vegas on the tail of the witch who dared to steal from her clan. She’s going to get the unsavory harlot through the woman’s ex-finance, and nothing about their charged encounters will be shallow, quick or friendly.

When the half-blood fae male comes to Club Darkness, Elena can’t resist acting on the mind-blowing heat coursing between them. She might be betrothed to another, but fae culture says sex with other men until marriage is most definitely foretold.

Tattoo artist Devi is the latent vampire the warlocks need to heal all wounds. But taking her power is a sexually exhausting and dangerous task requiring dark deception…and gambling on her life.

Anya Bast’s story in this anthology is called THE PROMISE. It’s a prequel to THE DEAL, (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS… the first anthology, released in 2008), and tells Damian’s story and how/why he came to jilt Cassidy at the altar on their wedding day.


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Ever been to Vegas? Did you like it? If you haven’t been, want to go? What do you find attractive about the city?