June 23rd, 2006
My new blog template….

…is so PRETTY. I want to make a big juicy post. Alas, there is dinner to fix, movies to watch, husbands to cuddle and words to write.

June 23rd, 2006
Very nice!

Dear Author gave A Change of Season a very nice review today. Thanks Jane!

June 21st, 2006
And we have title!

The first paranormal erotic romance I’ll be publishing with Berkley Sensation will be called WITCH FIRE.

I like it!

June 19th, 2006
Of Dragonflies and Hummingbirds

I have this fascination with dragonflies. They’re beautiful in an alien-like way and are brutal hunters. We have lots of them in our yard for some reason. I’m not sure why. There isn’t a lot of water around other than our little pond with our one lonely goldfish. Still, I see them hanging out in the bushes a lot, hunting other insects. They land on a leaf and go still, silent, waiting. When some yummy bit of insect flesh grows near, they swoop up and munch it.

So, I’m looking out the window and can see a dragonfly hunting on a bunch of catnip growing on my Kara-cat’s grave

Tangent: Yes, I’m aware how strange it is that catnip grows on my cat’s grave. No, we didn’t plant it there. I planted shadow-loving perennials which were quickly overtaken by the nip. It’s the only place in the whole yard where there’s a profusion of the stuff.

Being the nature-loving freak I am, I get up and sneak out there to get a closer look. By the time I get there the dragonfly is gone, but I hear a buzzing sound right by my ear, turn my head and come eye-to-eye with a hummingbird! I stare breathlessly for a moment, the hummingbird realizes what I am (eeek! Human!) and speeds off into a nearby tree.


That’s the first one I’ve seen so far this year, but we usually have a bunch around here because of all the flowers in the yard. I’m bummed because my butterfly bushes didn’t come up this year! I might go see if I can find a couple mature ones to plant.

I get all freaky when I see dragonflies, hummingbirds, black vultures (love them) and herons (they’re so primordial looking). We won’t even talk about the squee of seeing or hearing an owl.

Gardening and nature blather is now over.

June 18th, 2006
Loving the Bad Guy

I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE writing the villain. I don’t mean a cardboard mustache-twirler though. I mean a bad guy with depth. A man (or woman, man in the story I’m writing now) who’s bad and knows he’s bad. A man who has the motivation to be bad, at least in his own twisted reality. He’s doing malevolent, eeeevul things because he has a reason. If it’s done right, the reader can maybe almost–almost–sympathize with him.

And the only thing I like more than writing the bad guy is having the bad guy reap his karma.

June 7th, 2006
My Big News for the Week

I sold More Than Magick, a paranormal erotic romance, and its sequel to Berkley!


June 7th, 2006
A Change of Season is now in print!

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Now available at EC’s eBay store and soon to be available at your local retail bookseller.

Seasons of Pleasure – A Change of Season By Anya Bast
Book 5 in the Seasons of Pleasure series.

Moira suffers from psychic attacks that bring not only pain, but also visions of a man named Dain d’Ange into her mind. Dain is the cursed thirteen lord of Aeoli, a man they say killed his wife with the chaotic and dark magick he possesses.

Desperate to find a cure for her attacks, she travels to Aeoli and its cursed thirteenth lord. The harsh winter closes in on her and she soon finds herself trapped with a man who is every degree as chilly as the season. However Moira senses that Dain isn’t always cold, and she vows to discover the heat that lies under his frigid exterior. It doesn’t take long for her coax the man from the monster.

When Dain’s brother Killian arrives, Moira finds herself seduced to both of their beds and is soon lost in a web of carnal pleasure. She also finds herself lost to Dain because as time passes she discovers she loves him.

But as the mystery of her attacks and of Dain’s history unravels, keeping him will be difficult.

May 30th, 2006
Recent Reviews for Seduced in Twilight

New reviews for Seduced in Twilight!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Reviewer: Suni Farrar
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

“Seduced in Twilight is one fire hot romance. The
action and suspense never stopped, keeping me on the
edge of my seat. Will, the Tylweth Teg warrior, is
smooth and cultured with the ability to talk his way
out of any situation. Mason, the half drac and
half-human warrior, is volatile with an aura of
danger…. My toys got a lot of use while I was reading
this story. Oh, and it does not hurt that the novel has
a incredible plot and good writing to back up all the
steamy sex. Seduced in Twilight is extraordinary and a
must read. It cemented my love for Anya Bast.”


Romance Reviews Today

“SEDUCED IN TWILIGHT is a wildly erotic and saucy tale.
Mason and Will are complete opposites and are gorgeous
in their own ways! Mason is rough and rugged. Will is
sophisticated and sexy.Mason thunders around on a
motorcycle and says spread it, while Will glides in a
luxury sedan and asks may I? Ahhh, the best of both
worlds! Since it would be hard for anyone to choose
between them, Olivia chooses both! There are a few
secondary characters sprinkled throughout that add to
the plot, but the story focuses on the triad:
Mason-Olivia-Will (in that order!)

HOT! HOT! HOT! SEDUCED IN TWILIGHT is a well written
and fast read that I very highly recommend.”

– Ariel Summer


Joyfully Reviewed

“Anya Bast is at her best with this erotic fae story.
Since the day I started reading her stories, I have yet
to feel disappointed. Her heroes are hot and
dominating with just the right touch of sensitivity. I
definitely wanted to submit and scream, “Take me!”.
Olivia has more strength and courage than I would have
had in her situation. Seduced in Twilight definitely
has everything; action, romance, sex and most
importantly love. As usual, Anya leaves you wanting
more, but that is definitely a good thing. I enjoyed
Seduced in Twilight thoroughly and hopelessly fell in
love with Will and Mason.”

– Idalm