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Brotherhood of the Damned

Paranormal Romance

Embrace of the Damned

Lycaon Series

Paranormal Erotic Romance

Keeping Kaitlyn

Single Titles

Non-Erotic Fantasy Romance

Raven's Quest

Dark Magick

Paranormal Romance

Wicked Enchantment
Dark Magic #1
Cruel Enchantment
Dark Magic #2
Dark Enchantment
Dark Magic #3
Midnight Enchantment
Dark Magic #4
Hot for the Holidays anthology including Anya's Sweet Enchantment
Anya’s novella in this anthology is titled Sweet Enchantment and is an
introduction to the Dark Magick series. This is Bella and Ronan’s

Connected Titles

Fantasy Historical Erotic Romance


Elemental Witches

Paranormal Romance

Witch Fire
Elemental Witches 1
Witch Blood
Elemental Witches 2
Witch Heart
Elemental Witches 3
Witch Fury
Elemental Witches 4

What Happens in Vegas…

Erotic Romance

What Happens In Vegas
The Deal
What Happens in Vegas...After Dark
The Promise

The Embraced Series

Erotic Romance

Blood of the Raven
The Embraced 2
Blood of an Angel
The Embraced 3
Blood of the Damned
The Embraced 4

Single Titles

Erotic Romance

The Chosen Sin
A Change of Season
Ordinary Charm
Water Crystal

Single Titles

Dark Fantasy (non-romantic)

The Phantom Queen Awakes