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Saturday, September 27th, 2014
Capturing Caroline

YES….it’s finally finished!!! Now available for pre-order on Amazon. This novella will release on Friday, October 10th. Stay tuned for contest details!


* * * * *

Grief-stricken by the strange disappearance of her two sisters, Caroline Gannett tries to go on with life…until one day she mysteriously vanishes from the world too.

Pulled through “the veil,” Caroline finds herself in an alien world and is swiftly drawn into an adventure with the sexiest man she’s ever met. Together they are an unstoppable force, sparking desire off each other from the first time they meet.

Torrent had hoped this would never happen. He has lived his life under a dark prophecy that is about to come true. Even so, the temptation Caroline presents is irresistible. He seduces Caroline’s body as surely as he binds her heart to his. They are a perfect match.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the prophecy proclaims he is destined to die. There is no denying it. There is no escaping it.

And if there’s one woman in the universe who makes him want to live, it’s Caroline.

* * * * *

Excerpt from Capturing Caroline

His eyes went dark and he looked away from her, throwing a branch into the fire. “You were not supposed to come here. I’d hoped—” He bit off the end of his sentence with a word in a foreign language she guessed was a curse.

“Hoped what?”

“I’d hoped to avoid this torment.”

“But you escaped from the prison. Doesn’t that mean you’ve avoided the prophecy?”

He shook his head. “It means nothing. Prophecies can never be escaped.” He lowered his voice and seemed to talk to himself. “The prophecy is still to be fulfilled, I’m sure of it. I feel it.”

“Tell me more about this…prophecy? In my world prophecies are only plot devices in fantasy novels.”

He locked gazes with her over the fire. “I am to die. My final act upon this world will be to end the war between the Magica and the Lycaon, but my fate is to find my eternal rest in the soil of my ancestors.”

“Oh.” She swallowed her final bite and tossed the bone aside. A dark, sinking feeling replaced the hunger in her belly.

He nodded. “It’s even worse if I have a woman to love, isn’t it? Worse still if she loves me back. Worse that we are fated to be together in perfect love and trust, that the force of our perfectness brought us together from two very different worlds only to have our relationship torn asunder by my death.”

“When you put it like that…”

“There is nothing good about this situation.”

“Hey! Who says I even want to be with you? Some force I can’t see or comprehend? How do I know any of this is even real?” Anger jolted her to her feet. “And if this unseen force is so powerful and wise, why the hell did it bring me through if we’re doomed?”

“I’m doomed, not you.”

“If I’m supposed to be head-over-heels in love with you, if we’re fated to be together for the rest of our lives. I’m just as doomed as you.”

Torrent said nothing in reply.

Fuming, she stared at him, then stalked away from the fire, her voice rising. “So, screw your invisible force or whatever it is that brought me here. Screw your prophecy. Screw anyone or anything that tells me who I’m going to be with. I’ll make that decision, thank you very—” She turned and came nose to chest with Torrent, the end of her sentence dying in her throat.

“You can question our spirituality and curse our ways, you can condemn the prophecy, but never question we were meant to be together.” His husky, emotion filled voice rolled over her, lifting every hair on her body. Then he pulled her up against his chest and covered her mouth with his.

Friday, September 23rd, 2011
New Release: Keeping Kaitlyn

I just released a new novella for the Kindle and the Nook. It’s up at Smashwords and will be available at Sony, for the Kobo, Diesel and other ebook stores sometime within the next couple weeks.

Keeping Kaitlyn is the first novella in a new series I will be releasing in ebook format only. Welcome to the world of the Lycaon, dire wolf shifters who live in a reality just a little left of ours. They are strong, they are gorgeous, and they are desperate for their mates.

Please note that this series is highly erotic. So if you have come to me from my Elemental Witches or Dark Magick series, you will find these stories to be hotter.


Buy for the Kindle

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Read an excerpt

Kaitlyn leads a regular life in a normal town, until one day the force of an unknown connection pulls her into an alternate reality. On the flip side of the veil Kaitlyn finds herself in the hands of two powerful dire wolf shifters, Rafian and Lucas, who tell her she is their mate.

Lucas has lost everything to the Magica Hunters who want the Lycaon shifters driven from their world. He passionately craves Kaitlyn and must employ every ounce of his formidable control once she’s near enough to touch. Her presence soothes the pain of his past.

Rafian has experienced loss too, though his comes with a dark guilt that haunts him. His brand of loving involves rope and handcuffs, acts he knows Kaitlyn may not be ready for, but he has waited years for her and it’s difficult to master his desires.

Together, he and Lucas tempt Kaitlyn’s body with every erotic move they have to make, while they stealthily seduce her heart. They make her see them for who they truly are—her perfect matches in every way.

Lucas and Rafian awaken emotion and passion in Kaitlyn that she’s never known, but the weight pulling at her from the other side of the veil is formidable. Will she be able to stay with the men she loves?

“When it came to Kaitlyn’s choice near the end, I got quite choked up. I was totally invested in Kaitlyn’s character and Anya’s writing allowed me to experience her emotion and anguish first hand… Keeping Kaitlyn combines well realised characters with an engaging story and some super erotic sex. Highly recommended!” Grete, Book Thing review blog

“The fantasy of having two lovers who cater to your every need is a win/win situation…I really enjoyed escaping into Kaitlyn’s daydream. The story was filled with many erotic moments as well as touching ones… absolutely scorching…” – Hanging with Bells review blog